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Research shows that about 16% of bearings fail prematurely due to inadequate and incorrect assembly/mounting.

Also, the working life of a bearing decreases considerably in the case of inadequate lubrication and maintenance.

Dismounting of bearings becomes significantly more difficult if the correct tools are not used, and so bearings are destroyed in the case of dismounting, even when it is still possible to make further use of the bearing.

All of the above facts create additional costs which can be evaded by using adequate tools for disassembly/dismounting.

As a distributor of world recognized products, Rolling World offers a range of tools for maintenance which will ease the process of daily work and so result in lower production costs, that is, savings in production.

In this range of tools we offer:

  • Mechanical and hydraulic jaw pullers
  • Tools for bearing mounting and induction heaters
  • Lubrication equipment
  • Laser shaft alignment tools
  • A wide range of tools for analysis of vibrations, noise, temperature and other working parameters of your equipment.

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