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Greases and lubrication systems
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Greases and lubrication systems

Inadequate lubrication is the cause of about 36 % of premature bearing failures.

Apart from reducing friction, the role of lubricants is to reduce wear, transfer heat and protect against corrosion.

That is why it is of the utmost importance that the rotating machinery be lubricated using appropriate lubricants and greases, and also to respect the intervals within which specific parts need to be greased.

The right sort of lubricants, used at the right time and applied in the correct places, will considerably extend the working life of bearings.

According to your working conditions, our service engineers will recommend to you the appropriate grease and time intervals within which to use it.

Also, if you wish to introduce an automatic lubrication system, whether it is the simple system of SKF system 24 or Timken G-power, or you need a more complex system with centralized lubrication, we are here to help you make the right decision.

Having in mind that SKF and Timken offer a wide range of lubricants for different purposes, and also that two of the world’s producers of centralized lubrication systems such as Vogel and Lincoln, are now part of SKF, we are the experts on which you can count on to offer you the ideal solution when choosing the appropriate lubricant to improve your systems.

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