Adresa: Kosovska 37/4,11000 Beograd, Srbija

Distribution and Sales

The distribution and sale of products of companies of which Rolling World is an official distributor is the main activity of the company from it’s establishment. We would like to highlight some of the comparative activities of our company which put us ahead of our competitors:

  • A centralized IT system for processing querries and orders
  • Immediate evidence concerning the products in the storage warehouse of Rolling World and/or the availability of products in the central warehouses of the producers
  • 8 vehicles (4 for delivery)
  • Constantly available customer service

Service and Support

  • Offering information (about all technical novelties concerning bearings)
  • Staff training (concerning all types of bearings, mounting and dismounting of bearings, methods and tools for predictive maintenance, greases and seals)
  • Technical support (concerning solving technical problems, giving advice and suggestions for the reconstruction and modernization of the working space)
  • Servicing (concerning mounting/dismounting of bearings, periodical control of bearing function in critical positions during the process of production, mapping the need for new bearings, planning and managing bearings in stock, choosing the appropriate greases and the appropriate cycle for greasing)
  • Vibration diagnostics and thermal imaging analysis

RWLab for vibration diagnostics

  • Laboratory for vibration diagnostics with the accreditation number ATS 01-329
  • The only laboratory with an accredited method for measuring the spectrum of vibrations of equipment
  • Activities: vibration diagnostics, thermomechanical analysis, oil analysis, dynamic balancing, laser adjustment of alignment
  • Regular monitoring of the condition of equipment and reporting
  • Implementation of the   programs of predictive and proactive maintenance

Merenje i analiza spektra vibracija oštećenog ležaja