Adresa: Kosovska 37/4,11000 Beograd, Srbija

Our Mision

Rolling World offers it’s clients products of the highest quality from the best known producers in the world whilst making sure that they are in accordance to the conditions provided by the market. We use the most modern methods and procedures, which in turn gives us the opportunity to use human and technical resources, with which we achieve greater effectivness, economy and efficiency. The mission of Rolling World is not only to sell products for industrial purposes, but to inform and educate our clients. This is what we strive to do at Rolling World, and we do this through presentations, direct contact with our clients or through our website and e-mail. With our laboratory for vibration diagnostics, Rolling World wishes to offer it’s clients added value, by monitoring the condition of their machinery, giving advice for achieving savings and documenting them. The activities of the vibration diagnostics laboratory include thermomechanical analysis, balancing of the rotating machinery and laser centering.

Our Vision

The vision of Rolling World is to, with it’s results concerning quantity and quality, maintain and expand it’s leading position in it’s field of expertise. Since it’s establishment, Rolling World has set high criteria when it comes to doing business. As a distributor of the largest world companies in the field of industrial bearings and associated products – SKF and TIMKEN – as well as being a SKF CMP partner, Rolling World had to adopt a modern approach to doing business. This demanded a high degree of engagement from employees, but excellent results followed. Today, Rolling World is one of the most successful companies selling bearings in Serbia. We are aware of the fact that the foundation of every company are the employees, so that is why we pay great attention to their further education and training as well as their working conditions. The satisfaction of our employees is very important to us as only happy employees can follow the needs of an ever growing and demanding market. Rolling World invests in marketing, presentations, it’s employees, it’s equipment and tools because it wants to be on par with leading world companies in it’s field. Today the market is as such that if you don’t make progress, you fall behind in comparison to competing companies. That is why we are always improving and expanding our services – we are keeping one step ahead of the field! We are one of the leaders when it comes to the sale of bearings and we are doing everything to remain so in the times to come. Our vision is to maintain our leading position on the market concerning the sale of bearings as well as to become the leader when it comes to the sale of all products concerning rotating machinery, as well as to, while investing in our experts and equipment, become the leader when it comes to vibration diagnostics.

Quality Policy

The quality policy of Rolling World, is to completely comply to all demands and expectations of the client, to provide a high level of quality service and a competitive service price, all according to the demands of our clients. We achieve this by:

  1. Defining a quality control system, including procedures on all levels, all in compliance with the standard SRPS ISO 9001:2008.
  2. Ensuring that the agreed upon quality of the product and service satisfies the demands of the client as well as the appropriate national and international regulations and standards.
  3. Ensuring that our services completely comply with the demands of the client such as delivery time, reliability, functionality, safety and aesthetics.
  4. Ensuring that staff on all levels of the organisation know their roles and responsibilities in the system and do their utmost to successfully complete their duties.
  5. By regularly assessing the framework of standards for quality control as well as introducing measures to prevent misunderstandings and conflicts.

Quality Aims

To achieve the end goal – a satisfied client – we have established the following immediate aims:

    1. Delivery of products to clients while maintaining the specified demands, needs and expectations of the client.
    2. Effective application and certification of the system for quality control as by SRPS ISO 9001, so as to achieve the trust of the client that all confirmed demands will be fulfilled.
    3. Collecting important data from clients by assessing and measuring their level of satisfaction with our services, so as to in turn improve them. During performance, parametres concerning quality of service are taken into consideration. In this way, data is collected and analysis of the same is made possible, all of which is related to the performance of the system for quality control.
    4. Continually improving the quality of our service